Carpet Deodorizer; Can You Freshen Carpet Without Shampooing in Lompoc, CA?

If you are sick of coming home to a nasty smell in your house it is best to find where it is coming from. The first and most obvious location for the smell is from the trash. If you forgot to take the trash out the night before it could have a bad odor. Another common area is if there is some kind of trouble with your pet, appliances or food. These, when something goes wrong can end up leaving a bad odor in your house. The problem can be fixed and the odor eliminated. A common area that tends to carry odors from spills and everyday life is the carpeting in your home. The carpets can soak up smells and carry them throughout your house. You may need to do some deodorizing in order to eliminate the smells and get your home back the way you want.

Colgate Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips On How To Remove Smells & Bad Odors From Your Carpets

Use a Natural Carpet Deodorizer: If you are sure that the bad odor is coming from your carpets you need to try and take care of it. You can do this by making your own deodorizer that can be used on your carpets. The deodorizer works in two ways. The first is that it will absorb any of the moisture that is potentially causing the smell to occur. It secondly has an added aroma that will help to freshen the smell of the room. You can mix this product by taking baking soda and drip in several drops of essential oils. The great part is that you can choose any oil that you want for the smell. You need to make the deodorizer early and let it set out and dry before you can use it. Then take the deodorizer the next day and sprinkle it over the entire carpet. Once it has had a chance to sit for 15 to 20 minutes you can vacuum it up. When you do this you are pulling the powder up that should be full of the odorous moisture leaving your carpet smelling fresh. You can also try to neutralize the smells by spritzing the carpet with vinegar. The vinegar will smell bad all the way until it is dry. Once it is dry the smell will no longer exist.
Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner: A great way to prevent smells from starting in the first place is to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Using a carpet cleaning company will ensure that the spills and stains that may cause odor are cleaned from the carpet on a regular basis. Be sure that you use the professional carpet cleaning company on a regular basis and you can let them know of any areas that have spills that could be causing odor such as pet stains.

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