How Long Does it Take for Carpets to Dry After Professional Carpet Cleaning in Solvang, CA

We love the way our home feels after a professional carpet cleaning. When you hire a professional company to clean your carpets you can rest assured knowing that a quality job was done and the carpet won’t take days to completely dry. You should know that there are some factors that can affect the carpet drying time. When done correctly, carpets in the rooms that were started in can be dry to the touch before the job is completely done. Best case scenario is 3-6 hours of drying time but it’s always a good idea to wait overnight before you start putting heavy furniture and area rugs back. Carpets that are left too wet after cleaning can create a host of issues within the carpet fibers. You don’t want to risk trapping any residual moisture. Carpet that stays wet too long will start to smell, and could lead to mold and mildew growth. That the last thing you want! Truck mounted machines are best. They are more powerful, making them much better at extracting water from the carpet than the machines you can rent or buy at the store.

What Can Affect the Drying Time of My Carpet After It’s Been Cleaned?

1. Carpet fiber makeup. The fiber makeup of your carpet can significantly affect the length of time it takes for your carpet to dry. Various loop carpets inducing Berber will take longer to dry when compared to pile carpets. Carpets that are made up of nylon fibers absorb 150 times more water during the cleaning process compared to those made with polypropylene. Modern technology has made it so the difference in drying time doesn’t have to be that significant.
2. Weather. The weather will have an impact on how long it takes your carpet to dry. Hot, damp or humid, the day’s weather pattern will have an effect on drying time but the difference isn’t really all that significant. For the most part, damp or dreary weather will only increase the drying time by a couple of hours for it to be totally dry.
3. Air circulation. The circulation of air is usually the most significant aspect in the time it will take for your carpets to dry. It can be helpful to open the windows if the day is hot and sunny to speed up the drying process. Another option to speed up drying time is to set the fan on your thermostat to the ON position right after the carpets have been cleaned. This allows your thermostat to run continuously to circulate the air in your home and will effectively speed up the drying time. Another way to effectively increase the drying time is to leave your ceiling fans running after the carpets have been cleaned. If you have other fans set them up too. Finally, to allow air to naturally move through the house, leave all the doors open during the drying process.

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It’s always smart to choose professional carpet cleaning services that use truck mounted equipment over doing it yourself or you run the risk of carpets staying wet for too long. Contact Colgate Carpet Cleaning for more information on any of our services or to schedule an appointment. Give us a call today!

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